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Product Name TIBA
Chemical Name 2,3,5-Tiba;2,3,5-triiodobenzoic;2,3,5-triiodo-benzoicaci;2,3,5-Triodobenzoic acid;a20812; Johnkolor; Kyselina 2,3,5-trijodbenzoova; kyselina2,3,5-trijodbenzoova
CAS No 88-82-4
Appearance Off-white powder
Specifications (COA) Purity: 98% minWater: 4.5~7.0%Residue on Ignition: 0.1% max
Formulations 98% TC
Mode of action Anti-auxin
Target crops Soybean, Peanut, Green soy bean, Potato, Sweet potato, Mulberry, Apple
Applications Soybean: Early the flowering stage, 45-75 g active ingredients, i.e the dose 200 mg/kg, foliar spraying. Thus it can thicken soybean stem, prevent lodging, promote flowering, increase production, improve quality .Peanut: during the flowering stage, 200 mg/kg, foliar fertilizer, to increase yielding and impove fruit quality.Potato: budding stage, with 100 mg / kg solution, foliar spray, to increase the yield of potato tubers.Promote flowering ( for example: cyclamen, cacti);Woody ornamentals: triiodobenzoic acid inhibits plants flourishing, promote collateral growth, improve plant figure.
Toxicity Rat acute oral LD50 of 14.7 ml / kgRabbit acute skin LD50> 10 ml / kg

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Comparasion for main formulations
TC Technical material Material to make other formulations, has high effective content, usually can not use directly, need to add adjuvants so can be dissolved with water, like emulsifying agent, wetting agent, security agent, diffusing agent, co-solvent, Synergistic agent, stabilizing agent.
TK Technical concentrate Material to make other formulations, has lower effective content compared with TC.
DP Dustable powder Generally used for dusting, not easy to be diluted by water, with larger particle size compared with WP.
WP Wettable powder Usually dilute with water, can not used for dusting, with smaller particle size compared with DP, better not use in rainy day.
EC Emulsifiable concentrate Usually dilute with water,can used for dusting, soaking seed and mixing with seed, with high permeability and good dispersity.
SC Aqueous suspension concentrate Generally can use directly, with advantages of both WP and EC.
SP Water soluble powder Usually dilute with water,better not use in rainy day.
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