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Product Description


1.Name: Zinc oxide nano ZnO 2.Purity: 99.9% min 3.Appearacne: White powder 4.Particle size: 20nm, 50nm, 500nm, 1um, etc 5.Best service 


Electronic industry, instrumental industry, manufacture, electrical device, radio, wireless fluorescence lamp, image recorder, rheostat, phosphor; Sunscreening agent used in cosmetics, antibacterial and health protection antiager; UV protection; Piezoelectrics; High-temperature lubricant in gas turbine engines; Flame retardant; Adsorption; Dental cements; Environmental remediation; Gas sensors; Photocatalytic decontamination; Attenuation of ultraviolet light; Demilitarization of chemical and biological warfare agents; Cosmetics and cosmeceuticals; Electrodes for solar cells; Varistors; Pigments for paints......

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