What is barium metal used for?

Barium metal, with the chemical formula Ba and CAS number 7647-17-8, is a highly sought-after material due to its wide range of applications. This high purity barium metal, typically 99% to 99.9% pure, is used in a variety of industries because of its unique properties and versatility.

One of the main uses of barium metal is in the manufacture of electrical components and equipment. Due to its high electrical conductivity and low thermal resistance, barium metal is used in the production of vacuum tubes, cathode ray tubes and other electronic equipment. In addition, barium metal is used in the manufacture of various alloys, such as those used in spark plug production and in the manufacture of bearings for automotive and aerospace applications.

Barium metal also plays a vital role in the medical field, especially barium sulfate. This compound is commonly used as a contrast agent for X-ray imaging of the gastrointestinal tract. After ingesting barium sulfate, the outline of the digestive system can be clearly seen, allowing abnormalities or diseases of the stomach and intestines to be observed. This application highlights the importance of barium metal in the healthcare industry and its contribution to diagnostic imaging.

In summary, high-purity barium metal has a purity of 99% to 99.9% and is a valuable material with many uses. From its role in electronics manufacturing to its contribution to medical diagnostics, barium metal has proven to be an important component in various fields. Its unique properties and versatility make it a valuable resource for numerous industries, demonstrating the importance of this metallic element.

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