Nano Tungsten Carbide WC powder

Product Description


1. Name: Nano Tungsten Carbide WC powder

2. Purity: 99%min

3. Particle size: 0.2-0.3um, 0.6-0.8um

4. Appearance: black powder

5. CAS No.: 12070-12-1

Chemical Properties: Black hexagonal crystals; Melting point 2870 ° C ± 50 ° C; Boiling point 6000 ° C; Dissolved in mixed acid of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid, also in aqua regia; Insoluble in cold water; The relative density of 15.63; Strong acid resistance; High hardness, High elastic modulus; Use for the production of various alloys.

Applications: Producing high capability nano-crystalline or super fine horniness alloy, hard-face abrasion resistant spraying and petrochemical cracking catalyst; Chipless forming tools; Cutting tools; Mining tolls; Nano-composites (for enhanced hardness, strength, and wear resistance); Erosion-resistant coatings; Wear-resistance coatings; Corrosion-resistant coatings; Wear-resistant parts......

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