Cas 24304-00-5 Nano Aluminum Nitride AlN powder

Features of Aluminum Nitride AlN powder: Aluminum Nitride  AlN powder possesses high purity, narrow range particle size distribution,larger specific surface area, lower bulk density and better shaping injection molding properties. 2. Aluminium nitride nano powder is used in composite, and it has a good match with the semiconductor silicon and its good interface compatibility improves the mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of composite material.  Specification of Aluminum Nitride AlN powder:
Item Purity APS Color Bulk Density Crystallographic Form oxygen content Making method SSA
XL-AlN powder 99% 50nm Grey 0.05g/cm3 Hexagonal structure 0.8% Plasma CVD 105m2/g
Applications of Aluminum Nitride  AlN powder:
 Aluminum Nitride AlN powder used to improve the performance of epoxy resin In Aluminum nitride nanopowder and epoxy resin system, when the content of Aluminum nitride nanoparticle reaches to 1%~5%, glass-transition temperature increases and module of elasticity reaches the maximum value. The adding of Aluminum nitride nanopowder to epoxy resin compound materials is completely different from the adding of Aluminum nitirde micro grain in structure. Aluminum nitirde AlN powder is usually added as a kind of reinforcing agent and mainly distributed between the chains of polymer material. For insufficient coordination on the surface and large specific surface area, AlN powder shows very strong activity. Meanwhile, part of grains are distributed in the spacing of polymer chain. Comparing to Aluminum nitride micro grain, AlN powder possesses very good fluidity and can largely improve the intensity, tenacity and tractility of epoxy resin.  Aluminum Nitride AlN powder used for heat conductive material The silica gel compounded with Aluminum Nitride  AlN powder, which has super thermal conductivity, gives very excellent thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, wider working temperature of electrical insulation (-60℃~-200℃), lower thickness and good operation performance, and can be widely used in the thermal transmission medium of electronic component to improve working efficiency, such as CPU radiator filler, high-power audion, controllable Silicon components, diode, thermal transmission medium in the seam and so on. Aluminum Nitride AlN powder can largely improve the thermal conductivity of plastic. By adding Aluminum nitride nanoparticles to plastic according to the proportion of 5%~10% in mass, we can increase the thermal conductivity of plastic from 0.3W/(mk) to 0.5W/(mk), 16 times more. Compared with the heat conduction stuffing (alumina or magnesia) in the market, it can improve the mechanical properties of products with smaller amount. At present, related manufacturers have purchased AlN powder in mass and the new-type nano heat conduction plastic will be launched to market.  Aluminum Nitride AlN powder works very well in silicon dioxide and tends to disperse in rubber. Under the premise of making no difference to the mechanical performance of rubber, (experiments proved that it could improve the mechanical performance of rubber), it can largely improve the heat conductivity of rubber and will not lower down the viscosity like other oxides during adding process, and only very small amount is required. It has been widely applied to military, aviation and information engineering. Related product: Chromium nitride powder,Vanadium Nitride powder,Manganese Nitride PowderHafnium nitride powder,Niobium Nitride powder,Tantalum Nitride powder,Zirconium Nitride powder,Hexagonal Boron Nitride BN powder,Aluminum Nitride powder,Europium Nitride,silicon nitride powder,Strontium Nitride powder,Calcium nitride powder,Ytterbium Nitride powder,Iron nitride powder,Beryllium Nitride powder,Samarium Nitride powder,Neodymium Nitride powder,Lanthanum Nitride powder,Erbium Nitride powder,Copper Nitride Powder Send us inquiry to get the  Nano Aluminum Nitride AlN powder